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Acrylic Render

Acrylic Render

This render is only used as a finishing coat for previous renders.

It contains aggregates, a material formed from fragments or particles loosely compacted together, for design purposes in order to provide a texture that isn’t flat. The size of the aggregates can vary, depending on the appearance you want to achieve.

Some of the advantages of using an acrylic render include it adding durability and beauty to the exteriors of your property. Aesthetically speaking, you can even choose the finish you would like for your render, such as a ‘silky smooth’ appearance or a more traditional ‘concrete’ finish. A good render will add to the lifespan of your property, and you may well find your property going up in value as a result!

In addition, an acrylic rendering can be used to help seal the surface of the render and surface beneath it and can also be used to help hide alterations or unwanted defects.

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