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Avoid These 8 Window Cleaning Mistakes for Sparkling Results

Avoid These 8 Window Cleaning Mistakes for Sparkling Results

by PPC Pete

Window cleaning is a task that many homeowners dread. It can be a difficult and time-consuming, and even the most minor mistakes can ruin your hard work. Here are eight typical window cleaning mistakes and how to avoid them to avoid frustration and achieve sparkling results.

1. Using the Wrong Tools

To achieve a streak-free shine, use the right tools. Avoid using paper towels or newspapers, which can leave behind fibres and ink residue. A squeegee is especially helpful for oversized windows, as it can remove excess water quickly and efficiently.

2. Cleaning in Direct Sunlight

Cleaning your windows in direct sunlight can cause the cleaning solution to dry too quickly, leaving behind streaks and smudges. To avoid this, clean your windows on a cloudy day or in the early morning or late afternoon when the sun is not shining directly on your windows.

3. Skipping the Dusting

Before you start cleaning your windows, it’s important to dust the frames and sills. Skipping this step can spread dirt and debris, making your windows look even dirtier. Use a soft-bristled brush or a vacuum to remove any dust and debris.

4. Overusing Cleaning Solution

Using too much cleaning solution can make your windows look worse. The excess solution can leave behind streaks and smudges, making it harder to achieve a streak-free shine. Use a small amount of cleaning solution and apply it evenly to the surface of the window.

5. Not Rinsing Enough

After applying the cleaning solution, it’s important to rinse your windows thoroughly. Not rinsing enough can leave behind residue, resulting in streaks and smudges. Use a bucket of clean water and a squeegee to rinse your windows thoroughly.

6. Using the Wrong Cleaning Solution

The wrong cleaning solution can damage your windows or leave behind streaks and smudges. Avoid using vinegar or ammonia-based solutions, as they can damage the seals around your windows. Instead, use a specialised window cleaning solution or water and dish soap.

7. Ignoring Hard-to-Reach Areas

Ignoring hard-to-reach areas can make your windows look incomplete. Use a ladder or an extension pole to reach high windows and corners. Make sure to clean all window areas, including the edges and corners.

8. Not Drying Your Windows

Leaving your windows wet can result in streaks and smudges. Use a microfiber cloth or a squeegee to dry your windows thoroughly. Make sure to dry the edges and corners to prevent water spots.

Bonus Tip: Hire Professionals Instead 

You can hire professionals if you don’t have the time or patience to clean your windows. They will ensure all areas, including hard-to-reach areas, are thoroughly cleaned.


Avoiding these eight common window cleaning mistakes can help you achieve sparkling results. Use the right tools, clean on a cloudy day, dust before cleaning, use the right amount of cleaning solution, rinse thoroughly, use the proper cleaning solution, clean all areas of your windows, and dry your windows thoroughly. With these tips, you’ll have clean and bright windows in no time.

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