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Can We Reach Every Window?

Can We Reach Every Window?

by PPC Pete

The simple answer to this – no we can’t reach every window, but we can reach around 95% of windows.

All houses are different and each property poses a different challenge when cleaning the windows. There is no such thing as an average house in terms of cleaning or there would be a set price for 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses but this is simply not the case, as there are far more factors involved when looking at a potential new property for cleaning.

When visiting a new client the first thing we need to do is look at the access to the windows to see if they are accessible to not only clean, but clean to our 100% money back standard. Access is generally the number one reason why a window cannot be reached as it could be too far set back over a conservatory roof to get the correct angle to clean, or an adjacent property is too close to get the angle on the pole to allow us to reach the window.

Set Back Windows

These are the type of windows that are generally not visible from the ground or set in to a roof up high, like a Velux window. They are usually the problem windows for any window cleaner as the angle to reach them is too obtuse and not accessible from the ground. The best way to tell if a window is accessible is to stand outside and look up at it, if you can see the whole window and could point a stick straight at it then there is a good chance it can be cleaned from the ground. If you can only see part of it, don’t have a clear line of sight to it or are having to stand over 60ft (18m) away from it then it’s probably not likely to be reached with our standard van set up. There are a couple of options for setback windows which include high access equipment, using a different pole or cleaning from the inside, but these can be discussed with your cleaning operator when he looks at the property in the initial quote stage.

Balcony Windows

These windows are usually a set of doors or a window and door and are found on all types of balconies which cannot usually be reached without a ladder or accessed through the property. Many properties we clean now have some sort of a balcony, from a small Juliet balcony on a second or third floor to a large outside space above a flat roof, both will cause an access issue for your window cleaner. If a balcony can be reached safely from a ladder on the ground and the safety rail is not too high or awkward to get over then the chances of getting from the ground is good, as long as the access is safe. If this is not an option then the only other way is to pre-book the clean for a convenient time when you are at home and can allow the operator to come through the house to access the balcony. Both options should be discussed with your operator when he comes to quote, but the safest option will always be best due to working at height.

Too Close To An Obstruction

The final and last problem that may prevent access to windows is when they are too close to an obstruction or another building. This is a very similar problem to set back windows (see above) but with the angle being either too acute to allow the operator to get the brush head to all of the window from the ground below, or too obtuse with something stopping them getting the angle standing  further back.

We quite often find that some properties are built very close together with only a small alleyway between them which is often just enough space to walk down. If the property has any windows on the side, which can sometimes be for a hall or a bathroom, then these can be very tricky to get at properly. The angle to the window in this case is too acute, as the operator would be standing directly underneath. The same thing applies to a set back window and when the pole has to be fully extended to reach it, if there is something stopping the operator such as another building, or a road in the way, then the window cannot be reached.

Most windows can be reached from the ground, but on the rare occasion that the access does not permit the operator to reach the window then a conditional survey can be supplied. This survey is free and will highlight any windows that cannot be reached along with an option appraisal to gain access. More often than not the cost of reaching the problem windows is not viable as it often involves rope access or high-access equipment.

If you have any problem windows that you think may fit any of the descriptions above then please feel free to send us an email with a picture or book a free site survey, as one of our expert team will be able to help you out quickly.


cleaning windows over a conservatory

We can clean windows above conservatories and outbuildings using water-fed poles

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