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How Often Should I Have My Windows Cleaned?

How Often Should I Have My Windows Cleaned?

by PPC Pete

This is a question we are often asked by our customers and the honest answer is – as often as you like!

There is no right or wrong frequency for having your windows cleaned, and it’s much more of a personal preference to how clean you would like them according to your monthly budget. Having many years of experience in window cleaning we have come up with a short guide, presented below, to help you make up your own mind as to how often you should have them cleaned. You should first consider, however, a couple of factors before making a decision on the regularity of your service:

Monthly Budget – will the cost of the window cleaning fit into my monthly household budget?

The cost of the window cleaning, although very low in comparison to many other household bills, should still be considered carefully before you enter into an agreement with your window cleaner. Budgeting for this will save any unexpected bills from popping up, and will help maintain a good relationship with your cleaning operator.

Is my house exposed to the elements? Do you live near the sea or by a busy main road?

If you answer yes to the questions above then you may want to consider scheduling more regular cleans to keep your windows looking their best. Your environment will have a big bearing on how long your windows stay clean for. Living by the sea can cause salt to build up very quickly on the glass and frames, and we would certainly recommend cleaning more often in this case. Other exposed areas to consider are those by building sites, quarries, factories and train lines.

Taking into account the two factors above, the short guide below should help you make up your mind on how frequently your cleaning service should be.

Every Month

Looking for the best possible results all year round? Then this is the service for you! This is our most popular frequency across the company and alongside our frame cleaning services will keep your property and views from the window looking their best.

Every Other Month

Cleaning the windows every couple of months will keep your windows and frames at a good standard. You will only really start to see the dirt coming back on both the glass and frames after about 5 weeks if you’re in an exposed area but this won’t be quite as much if you in a more rural location where the elements do not play such a big factor. This popular service combines affordability with relative regularity.

Every 3 Months

PPC offers a 3 monthly cleaning frequency for our customers who would like to keep their windows to a fair standard through the year and for whom budget is also an important factor. Cleaning every 3 months will keep a good standard for around 5 to 6 weeks with the dirt returning for the last month and a half. This service is ideal for more rural customers who want their property to stay looking clean and tidy all year round.

Ad Hoc Service

If a regular service is not something you require then we are still happy to offer an Ad Hoc service for when you think your windows need a clean, or simply to accommodate a special occasion. It is best to prebook this service and provide as much notice as possible as the operator may need to travel out of his way which would affect pricing.

All of the regularities offered above will keep the windows and frames on your property to a good standard all year round.

A monthly service is our most popular and also probably the most cost effective service overall as the price for a regular service will be less than the ad hoc jobs due to the time needed to get the windows and frames back up to standard. Ultimately the regularity of our appointments is completely up to you and can be changed with your cleaning operator at any time.

At PPC we provide a regular and cost effective window cleaning service and this is partly down to us being able to cover a large geographical area in the most efficient way possible.

Our operators all work within their own territories and plan their work the week before to maximise efficiency and ensure that the properties on their round are grouped together to allow them to work in the most streamlined and cost effective way possible. This allows us to pass the savings on to our customers for a regular service as there is very little or no time wasted in going out of our way to service your property, resulting in PPC being one of the most competitive window cleaning companies in Sussex.

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