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Do I Need To Sign Up To A Contract?


We are often asked by potential new customers if we need to sign up to any contract and the simple answer is NO.   At PPC Window Cleaning we are firm believers that: if we do a good job and provide a great service then why would you go anywhere else? Nobody likes being tied […]

Can We Reach Every Window?


The simple answer to this – no we can’t reach every window, but we can reach around 95% of windows. All houses are different and each property poses a different challenge when cleaning the windows. There is no such thing as an average house in terms of cleaning or there would be a set price […]

Do We Clean Frames and Sills as Standard?


PPC take great care and pride in every job we do – we don’t just clean the glass, but the frames and windowsills too. The frames and corners of the windows actually collect the same amount of dirt as the actual glass itself and if they aren’t cleaned at the same time it can look […]