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Do window cleaners still work in bad weather?

Do window cleaners still work in bad weather?

November 25th, 2016 by PPC Pete

Unless the weather is really bad or it is unsafe to carry out a clean then you can still expect to see your window cleaner.

We have been running our company for 16 years now and have seen nearly all the different weather conditions possible in the UK. Many people automatically presume that if it’s raining then there is no point in cleaning the window but this is not the case. Unless the wind is too strong or it is torrential rain we will still be along to clean your windows, as it’s mainly a mixture of wind and rain that really makes your windows dirty. We offer our service all year round and work 6 days a week to ensure all our customers receive a regular and reliable service so unless the customer really does not want their windows cleaned, we will still be along to provide our service.



As we are all aware it rains a lot in the UK but this shouldn’t affect the window cleaning.  Unless it’s windy the rain usually falls from above so a lot of the time it won’t actually soak all of the windows on your property and depending on the direction of the wind will normally only really affect half of the house. If your windows and frames have been cleaned property in the past by one of our team then the water will just run down the window and should leave very little or no dirt or spotting on the glass. The evaporated water that falls as rain does not contain the same amount of calcium and dissolved minerals as the water that comes out of your tap, so its won’t leave anywhere near the spotting and marks that you would find if you washed the glass off with your garden hose. The main culprit for spotting is lime scale and dirt washed down from the frames. If you receive a regular clean from us then you are not likely to even notice the very small amount of residue that is ever left by the rain unless is window at the same time.



The wind is the biggest factor in window cleaning as it’s usually the main reason that we cannot work. It can be dangerous to put the poles up in high winds as although they are made of carbon fibre and very light could still cause a significant amount of damage to property and be very dangerous to any members of the public if the operator was to lose control of the pole. The other reason we don’t clean in high windows is mainly due to the lack of control the operator has to actually clean the window to a good standard. If the wind is high then it will blow the brush head from side to side and blow the pure water everywhere except for the actual glass itself, which makes cleaning to a good standard very difficult. All of our teams carry anemometers in the van to measure the window speed but this usually falls down to the discretion of the operator as to whether he feels is it safe enough to clean the windows.


Snow and ice

Ice also poses potential hazards when cleaning windows as if the temperature is below freezing it is possible to crack the glass in window. This is very rare but can happen if the temperature is low enough, although the water in the hoses will usually freeze first and stop the window cleaner from working beforehand. This is especially relevant if your window cleaner is using a hot water set up as this is a lot more likely to cause a crack if applied to very cold glass. Using ladders in icy conditions can be very dangerous too, as a slip is far more likely if the ground is frozen. On the the very rare occasions it actually snows in the UK you are not likely to see any of our team, as most of our operators are family men and will probably be enjoying the snow in their own back gardens.
The three main weather conditions that will stop our team attending your property are excessive rain, high winds and snow and ice, other that any of these conditions you should expect to see your window cleaner. Through the winter and in times of excessive weather conditions our operators can fall a few days behind but we always do our best to catch back up in spells of good weather and can even be found working on Sundays if need be.

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