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Limescale Removal

Limescale Removal

Limescale build up can be one of the most unsightly things to see on glass, as a large amount of scale will turn the glass opaque. This is usually caused from either a constant dripping tap on the glass, or when water is finding its way over a rendered surface and then on to the glass. These are both the most common ways to get a build up of limescale but luckily enough there is a fairly simple way to get it off. Limescale is caused by calcium carbonate in water, which is often best seen inside your kettle, or on the shower glass in your bathroom. When the water evaporates it leaves behind this white (often quite gritty substance) that can become etched onto the glass, leaving it with a milky and opaque staining. If the staining is left over a period of time then more often than not a household limescale remover just wont get it off, so a stronger and more robust chemical is needed. We have seen some of our customers use harsh scraping pads and Viakal to try and remove it, but this method usually results in either scratched glass or only partial removal, as the staining can often be out of reach. Our team have the knowledge and equipment to remove this type of staining on glass and at most heights, so before you go taking your life in your hands and leaning over your  glass balcony with a pad and limescale spray, try giving us a call and let a professional give you some advise.

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If your glass has a build up of limescale, then give a call for a free quote to remove it, as its often much cheaper than people think.

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