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Window Cleaners Brighton

Window Cleaners Brighton

A large proportion of our ongoing window cleaning work in West Sussex is based in Brighton.

With many of our customers living in the city centre and having windows on the first floor or above, we have found the water-fed pole options are the quickest and safest way to deliver our service here. With a large majority of the housing along the front being built in the Victorian and Edwardian era we expect to find what were once large individual houses now turned into spacious flat with high ceiling, large windows and beautiful views. Many of the windows in these homes are still in the original wooden sash style and special care is required to clean these windows to a good standard.

There are also many parking restrictions in force in Brighton which can put off many of the smaller companies as parking can be expensive, however, all of our cleaning operators are licensed by the city council to park on yellow lines for short durations while providing our service which enables us to not only be reliable with cleaning your windows, but pass the parking savings on to our customers.

Cherry picker and window cleaner

Many of our customers in Brighton have been with us for over 15 years now as the business was originally formed to provide our services in this area, so if you would like to be part of the growing number of businesses including new customers such as The Kings Hotel, Queens Hotel, Best Western, and Ibis then give us a call for your free no obligation quote.

We also clean windows in these surrounding areas

Kemptown, Brighton Marina, Saltdean, Hollingdean, Hollingbury and around the London Road area

Tyler Frost Tyler Frost
In your area: Tyler Frost

The territory manager for Brighton is Tyler Frost who has been part of the team for several years now. When Tyler is not working hard he likes to travel and enjoys gaming with his friends.

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