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Conservatory Cleaning

Conservatory Cleaning

PPC offer two types of conservatory cleaning for our domestic customers and these are a straight forward pole wash clean with pure water, or our deep cleaning service.

Pole Wash Cleaning

This is carried out in much the same way as the window cleaning service by pumping pure RO water through our extendable carbon poles to the brush heads and simply scrubbing away the dirt and algae. This method is a great cost effective solution to keeping your conservatory roofs and frames free from the build-up of dirt and grime that appears over time. North facing conservatories can often suffer from green algae growing across the roof which discolours the plastic and can make your frames look very dirty, although not actually damaging the UPVC. This is caused by not enough sunlight getting to it and allowing it to dry it out regularly which gives the perfect environment for the algae to thrive and spread across your conservatory. If your conservatory suffers from this then we would recommend our deep cleaning service.

Deep Cleaning Service

If your conservatory is suffering from any of the problems above or you just want to bring it back to life, then our deep cleaning service is for you. We start by spraying all of the roofing panels and framework with a traffic film remover to breakdown all of the dropping, algae and dirt build up. This is scrubbed in and then rinsed with one of our more heavy duty extendable brushes allowing us to remove the first layers of dirt. We then repeat this cleaning process with another cleaning chemical which restores the shine back on the plastic, leaving you conservatory looking new again. The operators will then wipe down any water residue and hand polish the plastic with a UPVC cleaner as well as hand cleaning all of the glass to leave a perfect gleaming finish on your conservatory.

Roof Cleaning Service

We are now able to offer a Roof/Moss cleaning service for 2021. To find out more click here

If you would like more information on either of our conservatory cleaning methods or would like to book a visit from one of our operators then just give us a call to arrange an appointment.

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