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Patio Driveway and Decking

Patio Driveway and Decking

Get a Sparkling Clean Patio Driveway and Decking That You’ll Love to Show Off.

Do you want to keep your home free of dirt, grime, and stains? You have come to the right place! PPC is here to help you in keeping your home’s driveway, decking and patio spotless. Our expert team and advanced techniques can make your driveway and patio shine at a very affordable cost. So, why wait? Contact us now and place your order quickly.

Keep your home’s driveway and patio spotless with our professional cleaning services.

Why Clean Your Patio, Driveway and Decking? 


These are the very important parts of the house that we always use. Here are the reasons why we need to clean them.

1) Increased curb appeal: This is the first place where the party starts. A clean driveway, decking, and patio add more value to the beauty of your home. This makes your house look very charming.

2) Extended Surface Lifespan: Dirt, debris, algae, and moss accumulate on the top surface. This can cause damage to the top surface due to constant moisture, and can also reduce the beauty of the home. Regular cleaning can extend the life of these surfaces.

3) Prevents Health Problems: Fungi and bacteria thrive in the damp, dark environment created by dirt, debris, and standing water. These microorganisms can cause a variety of illnesses, including ringworm, athlete’s foot, eczema, stomachache, and food poisoning. Mosquitoes also breed in stagnant water, and can spread diseases such as dengue fever, malaria, and Zika virus.

4) Safety: Moisture from water and soil can create slippery surfaces, especially dangerous during rainy weather. Regular cleaning can help keep you and your family safe.

Don’t let your driveways, decks, and patios become health hazards.

What Methods are Used to Clean Driveways, Decking, and Patios?

There are many ways to keep the driveway clean, depending on the weather, level, and type of surface. Here are a few ways to keep your driveway clean and shining:

a) Pressure washing: This is a powerful method that uses water jets to blast away dirt, debris, and algae. In this method, time is saved and cleaning is done easily.

b) Soft washing: This is a gentler method that uses a low-pressure water stream and biodegradable cleaning agents. It is always helpful to use a mild soap to clean oil off the surface.

c) Steam cleaning: This method uses steam to loosen dirt and grime, which is then removed with a vacuum.

d) Chemical cleaning: This method uses chemicals to remove dirt and grime. In this, all kinds of germs present on the surface are killed and do not grow again for a long time.

Make Your Driveway and Patio a Showpiece for Your Home

Are you looking for a professional to carefully clean your driveway, decking, and patios? That’s where we come in. We offer professional patio and driveway cleaning services that will make your outdoor spaces look their best. We use the latest techniques and equipment to remove dirt, debris, algae, and moss, leaving your surfaces clean, shiny, and protected at a reasonable budget.

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