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Residential Window Cleaning

Residential Window Cleaning

residential window cleaning

Balcony glass cleaning

PPC can offer our domestic customers both traditional window cleaning and water-fed pole cleaning wherever you are along the Sussex Coast.

All of our operators carry the tools to carry out the traditional cleaning method, along with having water-fed pole systems on board too.

Recommended Cleaning Frequency

Many of our customers choose to have their windows cleaned on a monthly basis as this keeps the windows looking good all year round, but we can also offer the same service on either a bi-monthly or quarterly basis depending on your budget.

We would recommend a monthly clean for the best results, but can also accommodate one-off cleans in case of a special occasion or family visits, either ask your operator when you see him to book it in or feel free to call us: 0800 677 1718.

cleaning internal windows

Traditional internal window cleaning service on Shoreham Beach

Cleaning Internal Windows

Whilst the outside of the windows can look amazing, the cleaning of your internal windows can make a bigger impact! Cleaning both the external and internal windows will give you a spotless view. Carried out using our traditional tools, to remover dirt and grime, the windows are covered with solution into all corners before being squeegeed off and then wiped, including the sills and frames (on request). The window is then scrimmed all around the edges to remove any water residue before running over a final time to remove any damp.

Our Promise

Book and pay for your windows for 6 months or more in advance and on our first visit, we will clean the insides for FREE on the first visit.

internal conservatory cleaning

Internal conservatory cleaning with microfibre pads

We can also clean the following:


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