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UPVC Frame and Cladding Cleaning

UPVC Frame and Cladding Cleaning

UPVC is now the most commonly used material for windows and doors due to its strength, durability and thermally efficient properties and it found on most houses these days. The plastic can be a variety of different colours now days to suit your property but the most commonly used colour and often the cheapest is pure brilliant white. This looks great when first put in and can have a great shine making any property look like new, but this can fade and discolour over time especially when exposed to the great British weather.

The most common reasons for discoloration are usually down to the black rubber beading that can bleed onto the frames and make them darker in colour, or a build up of green algae more commonly found on the north facing windows. This is a perfect breeding ground for the algae to thrive as it doesn’t get enough sun to dry out and the algae spore can keep multiplying, leaving the UPVC frame or cladding looking very dirty and green.

Having over 2000 customers across the south PPC have seen quite a lot of this in the past and have developed a great way to not only remove it, but keep it from coming straight back. We use a chemical mixture that contains liquid chlorine (usually found in swimming pools) to help bleach the colour back to the plastics along with a phosphate killer to help kill the spores and stop the green algae returning again. We often finish the cleaning with a cream cleaner where ever possible to ensure the frames shine and look like new again.

Here is a short video to give you a better idea of how we do it:

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